• Adamote, the easiest plug & play solution to connect Wii U, Playstation 4, Playstation 3 and Wii controllers to your computer.

    Combine the screaming-fast processing power of your PC with the incredible precision offered by your console controllers, and you can run the most popular games or relive your retro gaming days on your PC with the Adamote. You have never played PC games like this.

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  • The Game Geek’s Seceret Weapon.

    The Adamote is the perfect accessory for the game geek hell bent on getting all the trophies, finding every easter egg, and tackling every objective and side quest. Any die-hard gamer knows the touchpad won't do and a mouse requires surface space.

    For the die hard gamer, the Adamote brings precision and control to your PC gaming experience.

    It's the #1 accessory and the perfect gift for any serious gamer.

  • The Best PC Game Controller – Period

    The comfort of a controller can make or break your game experience. Why reinvent the wheel for PC gaming? Instead of making replicas of the most comfortable and popular wireless controllers for PC’s we took it to the next level. We know the best console-grade game controller for your PC is just that; A console controller. So we’ve given you the ability to use your favorite controllers on your PC with total control.

    The Adamote now unlocks the ability to use Dual Shock 4 controllers with touch pad and motion sensor, gives you the ability to emulate the Xbox 360 controller, and unreal motion sense control with Wii, DS3, and DS4 controllers for your PC.

  • Destroy the Competition With Wireless Motion Control.

    The Adamote is the elite level PC gaming accessory that lets you bring the Wii motion controllers into your PC gaming experience. Frag enemies with dead accuracy or destroy friends in multiplayer using up to 2 Wii remote connections (and up to 4 connections in Wii emulator mode.) The best professional gamers are masters of their equipment; they know the importance of their gaming hardware. We've designed the Adamote to ensure that you're perfectly set up to win with the use of your favorite wireless controller.

  • Well Supported

    Adamote supports a wide range of game controllers and systems.

    • I love this thing. It does exactly what it says and without issues. I was impressed with how fast it was syncing.

      Ronald Gilbert